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Working principle of Moving Lateral Irrigation Machines

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The sprinkler machinery is a sprinkler that is fixed at the center point. The general center point is fixed to the concrete foundation by four anchoring angles by anchor bolts or anchor chains. The center point is the central rotating mechanism of the entire device, and the 90° elbow at the bottom of the center point riser is the water supply port of the circular sprinkler. The water flows through the center point riser and the rotating elbow into the main pipe. The rotating elbow uses a lip seal to prevent the pipe from leaking and rotating within the center point riser.

The supervisor delivers the water stream to the end emitter, the sprinkler head, and evenly sprays the block. The main pipe of the sprinkler system consists of a series of transverse connections consisting of a main pipe and a truss group. The length of each span can be adjusted by the increase or decrease of the main water supply pipe and truss set. Each truss group provides support for the main pipe by pulling the truss group through the truss and ensuring the strength when the beam is compressed.

The transverse connection consists of a central fulcrum and a ball socket. This connection provides lateral and longitudinal adjustment between spans. The two main span water supply pipes are connected together by a flexible rubber hose flexible joint. Mainly refers to spray irrigation equipment, mainly including pump units, pipelines, nozzles, walking mechanisms, etc. Summer is the peak period for sprinkler use. Today, Xiaobian said that the electric circular sprinkler is started after shutdown, check and check the precautions.

First of all, the start of the electric circular sprinkler

  1. Start the water pump, then open the gate valve to supply water and supply power at the same time. In order to prevent the water hammer phenomenon, attention must be paid to the slight opening of the gate valve when starting pumping. When the water pipe is full of water, the gate valve is fully opened until all nozzles are sprayed with water. Check the inlet pressure and the pressure is controlled by the gate valve.

  2. According to the water requirement of sprinkler irrigation, adjust the time relay and select the direction change switch according to the running direction.

  3. Adjust the voltage to 400V-420V, press the start button to make the sprinkler run, and observe whether the voltage of each phase is normal.

Electric circular sprinkler start, check, check after installation

Second, check the operation of the electric circular sprinkler

  1. Check if the voltage and frequency input by the sprinkler are normal.

  2. Check if the pressure input by the sprinkler is within the specified range.

  3. Check if the motor is running abnormally and the current is normal.

  4. Check the lubrication of the rotating parts.

  5, check for oil leaks and water leaks.

  6. Check if the bow of the whole machine is within the allowable range and whether the walking wheels are the same.

  7. Check if the nozzle spray is normal.

 Third, after the power failure, the electric circular spray check gate valve is closed.

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