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Hose Reel Irrigation manufacturers

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Agriculture Farm Traveling Water Turbine Hose Reel Irrigation with Sprinkler,Hose reel irrigation system is turbine-driven machines designed for fully mechanized and labor-saving irrigation.

Working principles:                                                                                                                                        

The water comes into the water turbine by pressure, using water kinetic energy drive water turbine rotating, which drag PE pipe and realize sprinkler car uniform recycling, meanwhile, the water in the PE pipe transmission to the boom and sprinkler nozzle by pressure, and realize sprinkling. 

It can be used in different areas of water saving irrigation projects.

Hose reel irrigation system for watering farm land 


 1.Hose reel  irrigation   system  is mainly make up of the chassis, reel, PE pipe, water turbine, gearbox, driving the speed compensation 

device and water composition. 

 2.The key components of water turbines, gearboxes, PE pipe and structural piece are in good or bad quality of the processing technology directly affects the effectiveness and use of the whole operational life.


1.Irrigation machine is mainly composed of Frame, Reel,PE Tube, Water Turbine,Gearbox and Water Carriage.

2.With Charateristics of Simple and Compact Structure, Easy Operation and Moving, The irrigation machine can be operated by 1-2 persons.

3.High Efficiency and Large Irrigation Area. The Sprinkler  can spray water in all directions.

4.Good irrigation quality and uniformity can be up to 85% above.

 5.The Irrigation machine, with multi-functions, can be used for farmland irrigation, fruit and vegetable irrigation,pasture and sugarcane spray,power plant and port dedusting.

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